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Who Am I? 

Someone who can help develop games and have fun doing it!

Since the days of going to friends' houses to play video games as a child, I have always wanted to make my own games. Even back when I didn't know what Nintendo was, I was making homemade board games and drawings of ideas I had for video games (like an Alien fighting game).

After years of playing video games designing my own concepts, I applied to Quinnipiac University to study Game Design further. There I developed skills in Game Art creation and Game Conceptualizing, as well as gaining an understanding of coding in games. My time at the University helped me broaden my interests and learning how to connect these new interests to my core studies.

I have enjoyed creating 3D art, 2D Vector Art, and Pixel Art for the games I've worked on while experimenting with different techniques to create assets. Additionally, I worked on creating advertisement artwork during an internship at GEM Advertising!

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